Guide to Leslie Castle: Part 1 Outside

Home of Baron and Baroness of Leslie and their family


Before entering the Castle certain features are drawn to your attention.

Firstly, the area of cobbles which formed part of the medieval inner courtyard and extended over a much larger area than is seen at the present time.  A considerable proportion of the cobbles were destroyed when the bulk of the land now enclosed as part of the original castle site was in cultivation by various farmers.  The foundations of the gatehouse/tower are located adjacent to the west gable of the Castle.

Leslie Castle outside remains of Motte and Bailey
Exterior Leslie Castle

Secondly, on the west of the main stair tower can be found the present Castle’s foundation stone which reads “FUNDED 17th JUNE 1661”.  The west wing of the Castle formed part of the first stone Castle built by Bartholomew in the 12th century, but has been substantially altered during the 17th century refurbishment carried out by John Forbes.

Leslie Castle history 1661
Leslie Castle Funded I661

Thirdly, above the main entrance door can be seen the remains of the following phrase “Haec Corp. Sydera mentem”, which means translated “The House is the Body. Heaven is the Soul”.  Immediately to the left and right of the door can be seen defensive gun loops and arrow slits and looking up slightly to your right can be seen a peep hole / gun loop which the Baron of the time would use to view his guests / enemies and decide whether to welcome them or not.

Leslie Castle Motto over entrance
Leslie Castle Motto Haec Corp Sydera Mentem


Text prepared for the 1995 Leslie Clan Gathering by David C. Leslie, then Baron of Leslie.

2 thoughts on “Guide to Leslie Castle: Part 1 Outside

  1. Marguerite Miners June 9, 2018 — 11:54 pm

    Interested in history as I am related to Leslie’s near Leslie castle and Aberdeen and have visited sites in Scotland but not Ireland


  2. My husband and I stayed here 25 years ago and had a really wonderful experience.


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