Furnivals ‘Blue Denmark’ – crockery with a fascinating history

Your breakfast is lovingly prepared and served in fully stamped and marked crockery that was produced by the Furnivals Limited company.  The blue and white ware known as “Blue Denmark” is based on an original produced in Copenhagen, Denmark in sometime between 1776 and 1779 by Frantz Heinrich Muller.  The blue pattern consists of a complex repeating pattern of flowers and mussels, and according to the Pottery Gazette –

Bed and Breakfast Stay in a castle
Enjoy a lovingly prepared breakfast at Leslie Castle

“The effect pleases everyone with any sense at all of neatness and clarity.  It seems somehow to typify the typical Danish love of hygiene in food preparation and service, this quality being self-expressed in terms of coolness.  There is a clean, satisfying, superlative beauty in it that seems to conjure up a sense of health and vitality.”

Although the pattern is probably based on an even older traditional pattern that was brought to Europe in the 18th Century it was Muller that popularised it on his travels to Germany and so it came to be known as the ‘Danish’ or ‘Blue Denmark’ pattern.

Furnivals were a prominent English pottery company from Staffordshire that produced the blue and white crockery with virtually no modification to the pattern or shape  from the 1850’s to its closure in 1968.

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